The property industry thrives on the communication of information and opportunity.


HC2 believes that by bringing people physically together, small businesses are able to compete with larger rivals by operating more as a collective or cooperative.


We comprise a multi-faceted group of businesses providing a wide variety of services covering all aspects of the profession. These include; Commercial & residential property; Development, (renovation, restoration); Investment; Property Finance, Insurance, Interior design; Asset Management.



A wonderful mix of property professionals who share the same sense of humour and life values.


An amenable venue for like minded people to convene between meetings, swap ideas and find common ground. To invite close contacts up to join us on our roof terrace or in the office overlooking Hanover Square and find synergy with others.


Whilst the property industry is undoubtedly a "fun" place to work, lack of supply and the more transparent playing field has made it quite difficult to transact competitively for one's clients (or even on one's own account).


However, by working with owners "off the market", we are regularly able to obtain the best result for both parties whilst creating a more palatable and trusting arrangement.



The office is constantly evolving as the personnel changes. This creates a great vibe and ensures that information and interaction never grows stale. There is an wonderful eclectic mix of experience and youth with the eccentric dynamic that such breadth of talent brings.

We have all facets of the property world represented within our offices including investment funds, developers, property companies, chartered surveyors, project managers, interior designers, insurance and financial advisers.

Numerous property transactions worth millions of pounds have been undertaken with the opportunities they bring rarely appearing in the wider market.

Rupert Harding Director of HC2

Meet The Team

Peter Hill

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Director HC2 Property Hub

Rupert Harding

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Director HC2 Property Hub


Email:  peterhill@hcimproperty.com
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